My Golden Butterfly

My golden butterfly touches the sun
She sometimes sings to me when day is done
When she opens up her wings to fly into the world
I wish I could fly with her and smell the breeze
It must be peaceful with everything she sees
My golden butterfly comes to me when it is night
She sleeps in my patio until it is daylight
I see her in my garden, on the flowers and in the trees
She makes me smile, so delicate and free
Like an angel in the sky, I hope she will stay with me
Just her and I
My golden butterfly likes the waterfall
She reminds me of heaven and the beauty of it all
Butterfly, oh butterfly, give me wings to fly with you
You are like a falling star, wonderful and new
Touch the sun every morning, kiss the night goodbye
Please remember me, as in the world you fly.

Happy Summer!

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
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The people's poet

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