I Hear A Voice Calling Me

I hear a voice calling me
Gently and so kind
I can see a distance glow
Coming to me

"I am your Lord and Savior
Peace be with you for all time
I am the voice you hear within you
For I love you and all mankind"

I hear a voice calling me
Very low and all mine
Jesus wants me to listen
For I see beauty, all around
Do you hear a special voice calling
Do you feel the wind on your face
Can you see the sun shine
All over the place

Are you overcome by the world
And its beauty, which can blind the eye
Do you hear music for the angels
They sing so lovingly

Jesus has touched my hands
He has kissed my cheek
I have been given the gift of poetry
For the people, I hope to keep
I hear a voice calling me
An uncondtional love
All have been created
He died for our sins
There is hope now
Together we will win

Thank you, My Lord and Savior
For giving me Your Sacred Heart
I will help others see You
I love You with all my soul
I promise never to leave You
Or ever to let You go.

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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I hear a voice calling me

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