The calling of Autumn ......


Morning sunlight,
Gentle breeze,
Songs of birds,
Rustling trees...

Autumn colors burst
Outside, and in my heart;
I resonate with the colors,
Godís dynamic work of Art.

Autumn sings of His glory,
The leaves exude color deep;
My soul celebrates with them,
For this pattern God does keep.

He creates the seasons:
Beautiful, meaningful each one.
He separates the days
With rising and setting of the sun.

As Autumn leaves dance
And burst with color bright,
My heart wells with joy;
Our Creator is my delight.

Sing with the birds
And clap with the trees.
Uplift arms in the air,
Praise, standing or on knees.

For God loves us,
Each and every one.
He sent His Beloved to us,
His only begotten Son.

So, in the colors, in the rustling,
I feel His Voice divine:
He says we are his children,
I am His...and He is mine.


Caroline Gavin ©Sept.2012
Purposeful Pathway

Genesis 8:22
"While the earth remains, seedtime
and harvest, cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night, shall not cease.

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