Can I light a candle for my little one today
if I make a wish upon a star
will I be carried far away.

Is she sleeping in her bed
or is she calling out my name,
my life and her life will never be the same.

Can I talk to an angel with wings of pure gold
will they tell me how my little one is,
for I have never yet been told.

I cry so many tears I cannot count them all
my little one is so tiny,
so very very small.
Can I blow her a kiss on a gentle breeze.
Can I send my love to her
On such days as these.

Can I light a candle in my hour of need.
I want my child so much,
God give her back to me.

© 2003Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me,
The peoples poet

This lovely poem was Winner of the "best poem of 2003"..... A silver cup and bronze metal was awarded to Linda Ann Henry....(do you remember me, the peoples poet)....A special heartfelt thanks to Derry aka ~heartwhispers~ who helped with this page.........

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