Can I light a candle for my little one today
If I make a wish upon a star
Will I be carried far away.

Is she sleeping in her bed
or is she calling my name,
Well, my life and her life will never be the same.

Can I talk to an angel with wings of pure gold
Will they tell me how my little one is,
for I have never been told.

I cried so many tears, I cannot count them all
My little one is so tiny,
so very, very small.
Can I blow her a kiss on a gentle breeze
Can I send my love to her
on such days as these.

Can I light a candle in my hour of need
I want my child,
Dear God, give her back to me.
So the waterpots of heaven spilled down the rain
When the earth is so dry, will she call my name
Can I light a candle for my little one today
Is there another prayer to pray
Yes, I will light the candle for you litle one today
My child just lost her smile
Will she face another trial
I wonder if the angels will sing
when I light that candle
Can I light a candle
Yes, I will light that candle
I will light a candle
a candle.... a candle

written by Linda Ann Henry
~do you remember me~
(the peoples poet)
and Gary Matthews
Music and recorded by Gary Matthews
© 2005 BMI All Rights Reserved.

Directly licensed in place
for internet public performance on

available on
CD Baby

A special heartfelt thanks to Derry aka ~heartwhispers~ who helped with this page...........

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Can I Light A Candle,Light A Candle

~Made with Love~