~ Cascading Leaves ~

Enjoying the crispness in the air
On this beautiful Autumn day
Colored leaves are floating down
As the trees moan and sway.

A myriad of colors caress my eyes
A blanket of leaves now on the ground
A lush carpet of reds and golds
God's handiwork can be found.

Inhaling deeply, I begin to sigh
Such beauty for my eyes to see
Slowly exhaling, I take it all in
A display for you and me.

A breeze swirls my hair around
As more leaves lose their grasp
Cascading down just like rain
Yet some leaves are still steadfast.

Clinging to the limbs and branches
Some color is still in the trees
But Autumn will soon pass on through
As Winter claims the remaining leaves.

I watch as some land in the creek
Creating ripples as they float away
Like a painting vibrant with many hues
They put on such a display.

The breeze has died down and all is quiet
I see a leaf floating here and there
Even if I close my eyes
I can smell Autumn in the air.


Chee Chee Martin İOct.2011
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
Whispered Words

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