A CHRISTmas Dream

I dreamed that I was present
on that first Christmas Eve
When Heaven touched the earth
to change all hearts that dared believe.
I watched in awe-struck wonder
as Bible events took place....
The crowded Inn, the raptured look
etched on the Virgin's face.
A hush fell on the stable
on this holy, holy night.
Through the cracked roof streamed a halo
of a soft, cascading light.
In the air rose a crescendo
of angelic voices sweet
To celebrate the moment
when Mercy and Grace would meet.
Anticipation mounted as the
hour of midnight passed.
I wondered what the time was
as expectancy amassed.
"The moment of Redemption, "
came the answer loud and clear.
"Lift up your heart to thank Him,
for the Purchaser is here."
I trembled as the child came forth...
as the King of Kings was born.
As love reached out to touch my soul
on that first Christmas morn.
In joyfulness and reverence
I bowed down...but still don't know
Was it a dream...or have I been
to a Christmas long ago?

© 1996 Doris Jacobs Covington

Wishing you CHRISTmas blessings of
Joy, Love, Hope, Happiness, Faith,
Grace, Mercy and Peace that comes when we
make room in our heart for Jesus.

Merry CHRISTmas
and Happy New Year!

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