Celebrating Jesus .......


Sunshine shimmering,
Diamonds I see,
Sparkling on the water
Here before me,

Water lapping,
In music, in song,
Yes, here with Jesus,
Here I belong.

Alone with Him,
In His gift of nature,
Feeling His love,
So strong, so pure,

Beaming to me,
In each sunray,
Singing to me
As songbirds play...

With my Jesus
I converse, I smile,
Happy to be
With Him all the while,

Basking in His light,
Rejoicing in His grace,
Celebrating His blessings,
His warm embrace,

Surrounded by His love,
So rich, so pure,
Amazed by His graces
Forever to endure,

Resting in His arms,
Everlasting and strong,
Hearing His voice,
Its heavenly song...

Yes, as water sparkles
Here before me,
I celebrate the Sonshine
Reigning for eternity!

Caroline Gavin ŠSept. 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 145:7
"They celebrate your abundant goodness and
joyfully sing of your righteousness."

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