I thank God every day for His blessings
I often name them over slowly one by one
He has always been so good to me
Even when not proud of things I've done

I can feel His loving forgiving presence
Within my heart and my soul always
I pray for His wisdom and guidance
Throughout my life all of my days

Too often I foolishly take for granted
The goodness and mercy He bestows
Many of my prayers He has answered
Sometimes I fail to see truth that flows

During this Merry Christmas Season
My mind reflects upon our Father above
He gave His son, a Savior to redeem us
His gift to all His children to show His love

He let His son die upon the cruel cross
Then rise again to reign with Him on high
To save all of us from our many sins
Revealing righteousness we can apply

It's only through His goodness that we are
Able to live and breathe and survive
Only through His loving kindness and grace
That we can remain with Him forever alive

Merry CHRISTmas !

© 2006 Norma Duncan~aka~ Mistymaiden

A CHRISTmas wish that Christ's great love,
His grace and goodness, too,
May fill your heart and bless you now
and all the whole year through.

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Click here to share this greeting card or please send through your own e-mail........

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