At CHRISTmas Dear...

I am so proud you're in the service
And fighting for us all,
But I miss you so....
at Christmas
I miss you all the more.

I hope your day is special
Be safe where e'er you are,
Be loved, be warm at Christmas
Be blessed within your heart.

I hope you can sing carols
And enjoy some festive fare,
Oh, how I wish this Christmas
here or there
Was a day that we could share.

No matter where you are dear...
It's forever you and me

Soft CHRISTmas Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

My prayer for you at CHRISTmas ,
from deep within my soul,
Is for all that's sweet and beautiful,
the love of God unfolds.
I pray for safety, hope and peace,
that every day is blessed,
And may you feel so near of heart,
each one you care for best.
My prayer for you at CHRISTmas
is ever tender, true,
And always from my heart,
because it is for you.
You are so 'specially treasured,
for the very way you are,
My loving prayer for you,
never ends within my heart.
~ Blossoms~

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"Missing You At CHRISTmas "
Margi Harrell