Away In A Manger written by Joyce Ann Geyer with love................

God chose a pure woman to be Jesus Mother
Imagine how awestruck they were
Shepherd's and wise men followed the star
Gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh

An awesome Holy Night that freed us all
See the animals looking into Jesus eyes?
They knew our Savior had arrived
On that glorious night you could hear the angels sighs

Holy CHRISTmas Bless-ed Night the sky so clear
Our Holy Messiah came to save our lives
With grateful hearts we celebrate this Holy Night
So in heaven our souls will thrive

Mary and Joseph beholding their baby Jesus near
A most wonderful and glorious night
And the dove of the Holy Spirit blessed us with peace
The star radiated a beam of light

For all to know that our Savior had come to Earth
God blessed all of mankind
Even though we have a free will
So we could all choose, and our faith we would find

Joyce Ann Geyer ©2007
Poetry by Joyce

A CHRISTmas wish
that Christ's great love,
His grace and goodness, too,
May fill your heart
And bless you now
all the whole year through

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