Let's Put Christ Back into CHRISTmas
This Year

Unto you is born this day a Saviour
A baby boy was found there in a manger
The blessed truth of Christmas let us hear
Let's put Christ back into Christmas this year

Christmas is the Birthday of our King
The greatest gift of all He came to bring
He's the Prince of Peace
Let's show Him that we care
Let's put Christ back into Christmas this year

On this day three wise men saw a star
They followed it with gifts and traveled far
And praised the baby Jesus lying there
So let's put Christ back into Christmas this year

Let within your heart His praises ring
And celebrate the day our Saviour came
May peace on earth at Christmas time appear
Let's put Christ back into Christmas this year

Let's put CHRIST back into CHRISTmas this year

Directly licensed for internet public performance
sung by Tammy Wynette

Wishing you a wonderful season filled
with heavenly peace and the warmth
of His presence in your heart and home
as you celebrate this holy season.

May God bless your CHRISTmas
and New Year !

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"Joy" © by Paula Vaughn
Used with permission
Please visit her site for more beautiful art.

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