My CHRISTmas Gift For You.....
My CHRISTmas Gift For You.....
For you, I bought a little gift
A memento from my heart
Please receive, with all my love
To keep near where you are

I didn't need to wrap it
You know the one I chose
I give to you this teddy
With love for you alone

There are so many hurting
In all the word we see
So any love that we might share
Is treasure very sweet

Thus I sought for you a token
My heartfelt gift this day
For all your love and kindness
To bless your life always

God bless your heart this very day
in His own perfect way

Soft CHRISTmas Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

In this old world that we live in
There is one great joy that everyone can share
The joy of giving to the
People for whom we care
If you show love in small ways
It is always there
To be giving and forgiving
Is to know the reason why we're living
What's so hard about giving?
It's a perfectly simple art
The trick is to live with love from the start
And to give with an open heart
~Leslie Bricusse / Henry Mancini!~

During the holiday season there's a question asked often of me,
"What do you want for CHRISTmas ; What would you like under the tree?"
If I were a child
I'd quickly reply,
"A doll,!" if a girl;
"A train!," if a boy.
But that time in my life has long since passed,
And the gifts I want now are treasures that last
Not just through the holiday season, but last all the year through-
Being helpful and kind to each other, being Christ-like in all that we do.
what gifts do I want for CHRISTmas ?
The gifts Baby Jesus brought with His birth -
Love in each heart, joy in each soul, and most of all, peace on earth!
~Mary Ann Carter Houston~

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