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If you were alone, Or even if not
At Christmas my dear
Then I would invite you
To come right on in...
For my door is e'er open
My gate swinging wide
So just stop on by,
Don't stay where it's cold
My hearth is aglow
My heart is all warm
Where love is at home

We'll sip cups of tea
And chat on the year
Nibble Christmas goodies
And whisper a prayer
Oh, come to my place
You're ever so welcome
My heart is all ready
The joy is for real
Come share a Christmas
And all of God's love
We'll know such delight
I'd so love you to come

Soft Christmas Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ©2008
Poetry from the Heart

The joy of Christmas lives in me
It's not in mistletoe,
or gifts that I bestow.
It's Jesus, the joy of Christmas
who lives in me so joyfully.
A rich and priceless treasure-
that's what Christmas means to me.
~Mary Ann Jameson~

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