The Gift Comes To Stay

In all the packing up of Christmas
I pray the joy will always stay
As the ornaments e'er whisper
Of a love that will remain

As you tissue all the memories
May it so enlarge your heart
With sentimental meaning
Each pretty one imparts

As you blow the pretty candles
May the glow grow in your soul
To share with everyone you meet
Where'er you daily go

As you tuck away the sparkly star
May it point how God will guide
Every moment of the day
When in His Word you hide

As you enfold soft angel wings
May you know The Father's presence
Protecting, guarding always
In every promise that He said

As you wind each garland tinsel
May the length remind you how
God's love is all around you
Enfolding you right now

As you pull apart the tree
May it speak of Jesus' death
As He suffered, with forgiveness
In every drop of blood He shed

As you gather wrapping paper
May you find a present missed
To remind you of the greatest love
The Lord Jesus' perfect gift

Soft Post-Christmas whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2008
Poetry From The Heart

May heaven's Joy
be the gift from your CHRISTmas
and may Jesus' Love bless
your heart all the year !

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