It was a silent night,
a most Holy night,
upon the streets of Bethlehem.
The Prince of Peace had arrived!
Many would come to worship Him.

Born of a Virgin, Mary,
He entered upon the earth,
to not only bring salvation to all mankind,
but to share His love,
and to bestow upon each one,
their true sense of self worth.

This Infant Child was so needed,
in a world which had gone awry;
Our Father God had heard,
and was answering every heartfelt cry.

Jesus' life was a life of purity and innocence,
of Holy consecration;
And was meant to touch the hearts of all men,
of every people and nation.

So. . . this Christmas,
may we join hearts
all across the lands,
and honor our Precious Savior,
the One Who came and lowered Himself,
to walk upon earth as Man,
to bestow divine blessings and favor.

He lived, He died,
because He loves us so!
He was resurrected from death,
so that we might come to know,

That His life was not given up in vain,
but to save the souls of many.
Who, among us, could ever refuse such love?
Are there, truly, any?

This Christmas, I pray that all shall be blessed,
with the most precious gift of all;
That of receiving Christ, in their hearts,
as Savior,
so that none may perish or fall!

Merry CHRISTmas !

© 12-15-06 Sandra Lewis Pringle
The Heart And Soul

A CHRISTmas wish that Christ's great love,
His grace and goodness, too,
May fill your heart and bless you now
and all the whole year through.

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