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If we could go back home today
For a special Christmas at the hearth,
Oh, how we'd race the ponies across the bridge
And right up the cheery path.

We'd take with us our memories
Our gifts, our laughter, fun,
And run right in with expectation
Of all the family love.

There would be warm embraces
A kiss upon the cheek,
Soft squeezes of our hands
And noses we would tweak.

We'd turn the Christmas music up
Wafting through, to fill each room,
And sing each song with gusto
While we prepared the food.

The kitchen there would overflow
With aromas, sour and sweet,
But first we'd settle Granny comfy
To rest her tired feet.

Then all us guys and gals
Would wizz and whir and beat,
Concocting Christmas treats
Until the table looked complete.

Then with hearty logs upon the fire
We'd pray to thank The Lord
For such a blessed time together
And all His love outpoured.

The children would go hide and seek
'Neath curtains, stairs and beds,
Until so tired, we'd wipe their sticky faces
To lay down their sleepy heads.

We'd sing carols around the piano
With mugs of hot chocolate,
Sip gently by the embers
Until 'twas very late.

Then we'd sigh at one another
Smile, and say, let's stay til' the New Year,
So we can hold these moments close
For you and I right here.

Soft CHRISTmas Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ©Dec 2011
Poetry From The Heart

My prayer for you this Christmas,
from deep within my heart,
Is for all that's sweet and beautiful,
the love of God imparts.
I pray you will have safety, hope and peace,
and that every day feels blessed,
And may you know so near of heart,
each one you care for best.

Merry CHRISTmas

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"Christmas Is Calling You Home"
Seq.-Played by Vince Cochran

Snowflakes softly falling against the fading light,
children singing carols somewhere in the night,
Someone's wrapping presents, someone saying prayers;
someone who is far away is wishing you were there.
Headlights on the highway as far as you can see,
cars all packed with presents, ready for the tree,
Someone's at the window, watching all the while;
someone's heart is longing just to see you smile.

Christmas is calling you home,
no matter how far you have roamed.
There's a song of the season for your heart alone,
Christmas is calling you home.
Someplace where love is strong,
Home, someplace where you belong.