No Matter The Snow Darling.....
No Matter The Snow Darling.....

No matter the snow
let it snow, let it blow
for we are all cozy and warm in God's love
No matter the wind, our song we will sing
for darling,
how much is the joy that we own.

Together we are
with hearts bound as one
In all that seems sad, still closer we'll stand
whatever befall
my darling
we'll be with God, hand in hand.

So oh, let it snow and stormy gales blow
wild drifts on the wind
There's nothing to fear, for you are so dear
in all that life brings
my darling
We have God's love ever near.

Soft CHRISTmas Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

With the joy of heaven within us
we can take a sleigh ride
in our heart
every day

Merry CHRISTmas darling
I Love You

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