~Congrats On Your Baby Boy~

Such sweetness sprinkled down
A heavenly gift of love,
God sent His very best to you
When He made this little one.

He chose two sparkling stars
For your precious baby's eyes,
A rosebud fold, sweet lisping lips
For that awesome little smile.

Heaven's cloud of fluffy hue
Became those tender rosy cheeks,
God used His softest velvet touch
He called it baby skin.

Did He think of feather down
As He made the locks of hair,
And curly little tendrils
For eyelashes so fair.

Only the cutest thoughts
Form chubby fingers, tiny toes
What sweet smile of love
Designs a button nose.

Every part came from His soul
His wonder to impart,
He gave His best, He gave of life
From His own loving heart.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © June 2009
Poetry From The Heart


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