China's Quake

On Monday May 12th 2008 at 2:28 PM
A 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Chengdu.

A horrific quake trapped many children
in their schoolrooms. Many were never
recovered. Parents screamed and cried
and they stayed there night and day.

Hospitals worked on many, and placed
the patients with their IV's on streets
in fear of the buildings collapsing,
and not enough room.

Thousands died. Many buildings were
destroyed. A chemical plant caved
trapping all of the workers,
Spewing eighty tons of
ammonia into the air.

The after shocks are horrid,
and people stayed in the streets.
Fear of this magnitude
we have never known.

Please find it in your heart to keep
China, and all of it's people in your
daily prayers. These are all
of Godís children.

Also, U.S. officials are worried that
these quakes may occur in the
west coast of our country.

Dear Lord, Jesus Christ
Thy will be done,
as we pray for all people
around the world. Amen

Joyce Ann Geyer © May 21st 2008

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