Merry CHRISTmas Sweetheart

It is that most, blessed, lovely season
When love is on my mind the more,
Feeling sentimental memories
Of how special you are, and all.

So, when I found this Christmas card
I thought, you'd sure like this,
Some delicious cookies
To send a loving hug and kiss.

Thank you, for another year of caring
Being the loveliness you are,
You are a precious blessing
Treasured in my heart.

God bless you dearest, at Christmas and always

Soft CHRISTmas Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ©2008
Poetry from the Heart

My prayer for you this Christmas from deep within my heart,
Is for all that's sweet and beautiful, the love of God imparts.
I pray you will have safety, hope and peace,
and that every day feels blessed,
And may you know so near of heart,
each one you care for best.
My prayer for you at Christmas is ever tender, true,
And from my heart, because it is for you.
You will always be so treasured
for the very way you live,
In every prayer at Christmas,
always, my love to you I give.
~ Blossoms~

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