I've been searching for a Christmas gift
To give you from my heart
In gratitude for all you are
And all my love impart

But, a perfect present isn't so
There is nothing special enough...
To reflect all that I feel
For a step-daughter that I love

Then, I saw this and I knew
For a step-daughter, sweet and kind
The perfect gift would need to be
The loving gift of 'time'

So, take this Christmas tea
To sip with me...and as you do
Let it represent the moments, days
I'd gladly spend with you

God bless you sweet heart

Soft Christmas Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ©2008
Poetry from the Heart

Our love so easily understands, dear step-daughter
What we see, is but the smallest part;
Christmas is not essential in our hands
For we have Christmas in our hearts

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