Because You Are Family

Because you're in my family
And I love you every day
I pray for you at Christmas
I pray for you always

My heartfelt prayer for you
Is for you to know God's love
As ever present, ever real
To give you joy enough

Enough to bring to you a smile
And joy within your heart
For your soul to be aglow
With the peace that God imparts

That every moment you will feel secure
Held within His loving hand
To lead you, guide and strengthen
As in His life you stand

May your Christmas time be special
With all of God to know
To fill your heart with beauty
To overflow your home

God bless you at Christmas and always

Soft Christmas Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ©2008
Poetry from the Heart

You are a Christmas candle
Shining God's love from your heart
Warming the dearest near and far
With the beauty that you are.

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