Christmas can be such a lonesome time
Missing the heart you love
In the finality of loss
And the longing for their loving touch

The closure, end, completion
To see their face no more
And now endure a Christmas
Or withdraw aside to mourn

For every breath remembers
Each tender moment spent
Your heart cries out the sadness
With every tear you shed

'Til spent, you look up through the cloud
And see God's ray of light
Knowing, He alone holds hope
His love, your last delight

Hold on, my child, He whispers soft
This life is but a blink
Your darling one is safer home
Much warmer than you think

You will be brave, I'll keep you yet
I am your life, your breath
Your existence walked,
Each step now in my strength

Lean hard my child, breathe in
My love, my hope, my soul
You are mine, I will uphold
I know your pain, I felt it all

And from this day, this hour
In my arms I bear you home
My love is yours, My life is yours,
You are no more alone

Your hope, your life,
your joy, is Me,
and in Me, you are...
and will
forever be

Soft CHRISTmas Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

May Jesus' Love and Presence
fill you to overflowing
and bring you a most Joyous Christmas

Merry CHRISTmas

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