Poinsettia Posy For You.........

Poinsettia Posy For You.........

I offer unto you
The beauty of this gift,
May it gently warm your heart
The loveliness I give.

For this beautiful poinsettia
Speaks of love for you today,
As we remember our Lord Jesus
Who gave His life away.

As you take of all that's offered
To pass the joy around,
Loving peace and wonder
In your heart will e'er abound.

Soft CHRISTmas Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems ęDec 2011
Poetry From The Heart

These beautiful flowers are
recognized as a symbol of Christmas.
Poinsettia Day was pronounced
as an Act of Congress.
It is in honor of Joel Roberts Poinsett,
who died on December 12, 1851.
Poinsett was the first Ambassador to Mexico
who brought the plant back
to his plantation in the U.S.
He grew the plants in his
Greenville, S.C plantation
and gave them out as gifts to friends.

In Mexican folklore, there is a story
of a little poor girl who had nothing
to bring to church for Christmas.
On her way to church, she picked
some plants by the side of the road.
As she entered the church,
the ends of the leaves turned into bright,
brilliant red flowers.
You guessed it... Poinsettias.

Merry CHRISTmas

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"Silent Night"
Sequenced by Herman De Vries

Si-lent night. Ho-ly night.
All is calm, all is bright.
Round yon vir-gin mo-ther and child.
Ho-ly in-fant so ten-der and mild.
Sleep in hea-ven-ly peace.
Sleep in hea-ven-ly peace.

Si-lent night, Ho-ly night,
Shep-herds quake at the sight.
Glo-ries stream from hea-ven a-far,
Heaven-ly hosts sing a-le-lu-ia.
Christ the Sav-iour is born,
Christ the Sav-iour is born.
Si-lent night, Ho-ly night.
Son of God! Love's pure light.
Rad-iant beams from Thy ho-ly face,
With the dawn of re-deem-ing grace.
Je-sus, Lord at Thy birth.
Je-sus, Lord at Thy birth.
Je-sus, Lord at Thy birth.