The  Unopened  Gift....
The  Unopened  Gift....

Twas the day after Christmas
And under the tree
Was an unopened gift
Remaining for me

In all the excitement
Of gifts we adored
It lay there unopened
Overlooked and ignored

My eyes filled with tears
As I came to my sense
For this unopened gift
Had cost God great expense

'Twas the Gift of Salvation
Wrapped in God's Love
Purchased by Jesus
With His own Precious Blood

Thanking God there was grace
To receive this great Treasure
To begin life anew
And have joy without measure

I fell to my knees
And He tore off the strings
That had my heart bound
By life's worthless things

The Gift is now opened
The Treasure revealed
My soul is now saved
By His Spirit I'm sealed!

Phyllis M. Sizelove 12-24-07

May Jesus' the giver
of every good and perfect gift
bless you with
heaven's blessings
this CHRISTmas

Every good and perfect gift is from above
~James1:17 NIV~

Merry CHRISTmas

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CHRISTmas The Unopened Gift