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Beyond The Clouds

My precious Saviour, tho my cares
Come tumbling, crashing down,
I know that when I take Thy hand,
Bright sunlight shines around.
For Thou my Saviour, Who art God,
With Whom I'm yet in touch,
Oh, how can I explain Thy love,
Which brought me through so much?

For even tho the clouds be dense
And stormy be the sea,
I know that Thou canst still my soul,
Who silenced Galilee.
Thus, tho the clouds grow very dense
And cares seem not to cease,
I know my Saviour, only Thee,
Canst give to me Thy peace.

For how can I explain Thy love,
Which went to utmost length,
Whom, tho I'm weak and weary worn,
Canst give to me Thy strength.
And when I grow so very tired
That I can walk no more,
You carry me within Thine arms,
Thou Christ, Whom I adore.

For when You carry me my Lord,
By Whom the world was planned,
Along the shore can only see,
Thy footprints in the sand.
Oh Jesus, precious Saviour mine,
Who gave to me Thy grace,
I still can see, beyond the clouds,
The radiance of Thy face!

©1997 Sancie Earman King

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