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True Christmas Meaning

T housands of years ago,
R evealed by prophets of the past,
U nder the dark and starry night,
E mmanuel was born at last.

C overed in His swaddling clothes,
H onor was given to the newborn King,
R epresenting peace and goodwill to all men,
I ts because of Him that the angels did sing.
Sent by King Herod to find Him,
T hree wise men were led by a star,
M yrrh, gold and frankincense were given,
A s gifts from the men from afar.
S tanding in awe at the manger,

M agi worshipped and gave praise joyfully,
E ventually this child would grow older,
A nd give His life for you and for me.
N ow as we set apart a special day of the year,
I n remembrance for all who believe,
N ever forget why our Father did send Him,
G ods gift is the greatest well ever receive.

©2003 Linda Lee Wolovich
Let us thank God for His many
blessings and remember He gave
us His only begotten Son.

W ishing you a blessed CHRISTmas and
an inspirational New Year.

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