come to me child.....


Come close to Me, child,
To hear what I say,
Stay nigh to Me, daughter,
To follow My way,

Cling to My hand,
In My footsteps follow,
Observe My ways,
Watch where I go,

See how I love,
Observe how I bless,
Marvel how I give
My all, no less...

Yes, come close,
Stay nigh unto Me,
For then you will walk
Paths of eternity.

I will lead you
Surely Heaven-bound
With joy sweeter
Than all you have found.

I will shower you
With delightful grace,
I will warm you
With My eternal embrace.

I will uplift you
With hope ever soaring,
I will refresh you
With living water pouring.

Yes, My dear child,
So much I love you,
All this and more
I promise to do.

Your sins to Me
You can freely confess,
I will make you clean,
Your heart I will bless,

I will cling to your hand,
Show you where to go,
The purest of love
To you I will show.

So come to Me, child,
To hear what I say...
I am your life source,
Your purposeful pathway!

Caroline Gavin Feb.2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 119:105
"Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light to my path."

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