Come What may...

Come What may...

Without you my life is incomplete
Without you I cannot rest
I wait for you to call each day
You are my missing piece
Whatever, come what may
Without you my eyes cannot see the light
Without you, how can the day begin,
How can I see the night
I look for you in falling stars
Please tell me that you love me still,
That the heart of you
Is here within my arms
Without you my soul is fast alseep
Wake me now my dearest one,
Only you can bring back life to me
Without you, life is not the same
I look for you in sunshine and in rain
Do you see me here
You are my great love,
Come near to me my dear
Without you, I cannot be myself
Without you, I cannot feel the wind
I dream of you and all that might have been

Linda Ann Henry © 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet

I Love You

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