I scribbled your address upon a note
Now I just don't know where it is,
I was going to drop you a line
Maybe I used it as a shopping list.

I jotted your phone number on my hand
Oh, what now will you say,
I washed it away while doing the dishes
Now it's forever gone astray.

I tried to remember your email addy
By using a code or such,
But with my memory of blind flashes
Maybe that was asking way too much.

I even got all sentimental today
While meandering along the road,
And designed your name in pretty stones
Though no-one could ever read my fancy code.

And then I found the sharpest rock
To engrave a memory within some bark,
But it just splintered and fell apart
All I managed was a jagged mark.

I embroidered you a poem in crosstitch
What a keepsake that would be,
But how sad today I found
Silverfish had come to eat the lot for tea.

So all wrapped up in sentiment
I snuggled into my cozy corner seat,
And just prayed for you the longest while
For in my heart my dearest friend
Is where you're meant to be.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission

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