God's Creation

I took my little grandaughter Sarah age 6,
for a walk in the woods, through a trail. It was so awesome.
The winds blew warm upon our face, Little streams of water flowing,
the sun was so bright..We stopped and looked around at
God's beautiful creation, I told her it was God's handiwork,
All part of God's plan.

We listed as the water rippled, the birds were singing
We walked on and saw little pool's of water.
We saw the mountains & trees, God created it all,
Some trees short and some trees tall.
Different color flowers all along the way,
Sarah says,"Nanny, I sure enjoyed my walk today.

As we walked on we saw the beautiful ocean blue
Then we watched a fishing boat going out too,
We listened the ocean roared, the water was so calm.
On the trail we talked to friends coming and going
Picnic table's along the way, so we took a little lunch,
What a lovely walk, as God's creation we touched.

As I saw the little streams of water it reminded me
of God's love that flows down from above.
God sends His river daily so we can enjoy His Love,
His river of love never run's dry,
Dont take for granted the things we enjoy,
Stay close to Jesus and in His love abide.

As we watched the sun setting a light across
the water so clear, I thought no one, only
Jesus could create such a plan.
Its when we pause in His presence,
we feel safe in His hands.

As we view God's creation our eyes do behold
the great mountains and streams just precious as gold.
Each time we see a sunset, How we think of God's love,
life is so real, and beautiful, God is in our midst,
He sends His grace and love, Its flowing down from....
His throne above.


Remember that the sky, the highest heaven, the earth
and everything it contains belong to the LORD your God.
Deuteronomy 10:14

How I love talking to my grand children about the Lord...
They dont understand, but they will REMEMBER!

Sarah helped me with this writing. She is so precious...
We grand parents are so proud of our grand children.
They are God's gift to us.

Wishing you and those you love God's best!

Bernice's devotions and Inspirations
© 2004 used with permission
Bernice & Sarah

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