God Of Creation......

Heaven is home to God of all creation
For those of you that may doubt
Everywhere there is living proof
Just take a closer look about.

God of all creation gave us the morning sun
A lovely sunset when day is done
The beautiful flowers and green trees
God created the splendor of these.

God created the majesty of mountains
The rolling valleys in between
The desert and flat plains
His creations seem like a dream.

Summer will turn to autumn
The green leaves will change
The colorful beauty around us
God looked ahead and had it arranged.

Soon autumn will turn into winter
And the cold north wind will blow
The frozen ground will be covered
With a blanket of pure white snow.

My dear friend, if you are in doubt
That God of all creation does exist
Take a long look around you
Because no human could do all this.

© Glenna M. Baugh
Living by Faith

Psalm 16:11
Thou wilt shew me the path of life:
in thy presence is fulness of joy;
at thy right hand there are
pleasures for evermore.

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