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On Tuesday, September 11, 2001,
Terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and The Pentagon.
Flight 93 was hijacked and crashed in Pa.
Thousands of precious lives perished during this tragedy.
In The Light Of the devastating events, we join the
nation in grieving for the loss of so many innocent lives.
We express our deep sympathy and our thoughts and
prayers go out to their families and loved ones.

Life gone in an instant, with blasts of hate from air.
Caught within a moment, this deed done brings despair.
Contemplate this evil, what good has this deed done?
Left us filled with hatred, this battle never won.

Torn with mass destruction, deliberate hate designed.
For only in one instant, deep Sorrow for mankind.
Families filled with Horror, hearts are filled with tears.
Within us saddest moment, what purpose brings us here?

Let us join united, to say a silent prayer,
For those who were the victims, their voices we must hear.
People joining hands now, creating biggest chain,
Bringing forth a miracle, where Evil brought such pain.

Innocent are dead now, what power does this give?
Lost within the horror, but yet we all must live..
Fear cannot bring power, for deep inside Hate looms.
The power of the people, In silent prayer resumes.

Hands that reached so bravely, to help those find a way.
With hearts of grateful nation, We bow our heads and pray.
For all those who are lost now, on this most dreaded day,
We pray that God will give us, the Strength to find a way.

©2001 Francine Pucillo

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