Dad you've seen so much of life
In all that you have done,
Yet your heart still remains tender
To always enjoy some fun.

You have blessed me with so much
Now this blessing I pray for you to know,
To hold close to your heart
Wherever you may go.

May every moment that you live
Overflow with peace and love,
Now, just as you have sought to care for us
May God protect you from above.

May your heart be filled with courage
By your faith in Christ as Lord,
To lift your wings above the strife
As you seek to cover us all.

May each day you rise to give
Return to you deep joy within,
To enlarge your heart in the love
Of the admirable man you've always been.

Thankyou so much Dad
For being our shining star.
Today we express our gratitude
For the wonderful Father that you are.

Soft Whispers for a dad from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2004
Poetry From The Heart

Few delights can equal the mere
presence of one whom we trust utterly.
~George MacDonald~

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