Why Didn't I

To sit with my dad once again
Would be a dream come true
I would say the things I should have said
Like how much "I Love You!"

So many words were left unspoken
So many words were left unsaid
Why didn't I tell him how I felt?
But I kept my mouth shut instead.

For fear of embarrassment and awkwardness
I kept the words tucked in my heart
Then the Lord took you home one day
Now my words I can't impart.

I'm so sorry I never told you
Just how much I did love you
Something inside of me said 'there's no need'
I took it for granted that you knew.

So Dad I want you now to know
Even though you're on the other side
Just how much I love and miss you
That's why I continue to cry.

© 2006 Chee Chee Martin
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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