Dance with Joy

Snowflakes falling,
Countless before me,
Dancing in the winds,
Cloaking every tree,

Covering the fields,
Making the world white,
Surely it is a gift
To behold the wintry sight.

Only God Himself
Could create such a dance;
Countless snowflakes
Could not arise by chance.

With love and with beauty
He creates one and all;
Yes, God has ordained
Each snowflake to fall.

See with what love
He has sculpted each flake;
Behold the beauty
Of crystals He does make.

Surely if such love
He gives to flakes of snow,
Greater love to His children
The Lord does show.

Yes, let us praise Jesus,
Let us cloak ourselves in white,
Let us fix our eyes on Heaven,
For the Son is our Light.

And like snowflakes falling,
Countless for us to see,
Let us dance with joy
For all God made us to be.

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Jeremiah 31:13
The young women will dance for joy,
and the men old and young
will join in the celebration.
I will turn their mourning into joy.
I will comfort them and
exchange their sorrow for rejoicing.


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