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My Grandad And Me

Dec.12th NATIONAL Poinsettia Day
On Poinsettia Day

~Dec 12th~
Poinsettia Posy For You

Eternity To Eternity

Christmas~ Standing Watch

Sympathy~ For Sad Grandparents

Friend~ Home For Christmas

Friend~ A Christmas Blessing

Christmas~ Season Of Miracles

Friend-My Christmas Heart

Sweetheart-My Christmas Heart

Friends Forever And A Day

Tales of the sea

Love's Blanket

Needing Hugs

The Lighthouse


Following The Light

The Gift Of Hope

Gift Of Prayer

Love Remembers

Thanks For Thanksgiving

Between the Stones

From God's Own Heart

Dearest Friend Always

Thanksgiving Blessings

The Comforter Is There

You Came To Me

Written for wives- Locked in Forever Love

Written for husbands- With Her In Forever Love

Stars We Cannot Count

A Confusing Path

Would That Picture

A Needed Hug

Thank you For Interceding

Going Into Hospital

To Pray For Someone

Autumn~There Is A Season

For Glenna-True Undying Love

Daisy Stems

Rosebud Bloom

God Sent A Butterfly

Little Birdies

Set Free

Classic Beauty

Little Ladybug

Rose Petal Jam

The Window Of Hope

I Choose Life

Where Heaven And Earth Meet

Token Of Friendship

Wishes For A Beautiful Day

When God Shuts The Door

He'll Do It Again

Autumn Leaves

Warm Autumn Thoughts Of You

Treasures Of Friendship

Heaven's Blessings

We Won't Be Lonesome

If My Child Lived In Heaven

Wrapped in Love

Always There

~ My All Round Pal ~

Listen To The Lake

Forever Football


Listen To The Trees

Words From My Heart

I See You Dancing

Your Special Story

I Cannot

Special People


Close To My Heart

My Little Scrapbook

Listen To The River

Surging From My Soul

Secrets of the Night

We Needn't Fear Alzheimer's

Praising God For You

Thankful For Our Friend

Missing Our Pastor

Forever in our heart

At Peace

'Twas Mama's Little Girl

Father's day
Dad's Music

Sunshine's All You Bring

Still Waters

Here Within God's Garden

Sweet Lilt Of Morning Wonder

For You At

Flowers for you

Thank you Sincerely

Happy Passover

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Expectant Mother-Friends

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