Take A Detour

Wading through an ice cold stream
My mind wanders, I start to dream
The rippling sound, the stream doth make
Draws me into, this beautiful place.

In my mind, I soar above the trees
I feel I've finally, been set free
Stress and worries, I've left behind
A piece of Heaven, I did find.

Slowly I stroll, along the stream's edge
Gazing up high, to the cliff's ledge
Watching the birds, as they take flight
A ray of sunshine, brings me delight.

A picturesque scene, is this for real?
My eyes look around, I touch, I feel
I take a deep breath, of the cool mountain air
This beautiful sight, I wish to share.

Let's walk together, arm in arm
We'll wade in the stream, take in its charm
Of an area, so serene and pure
From life's troubles, we'll take this detour.

© 2006 Chee Chee Martin
Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul

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