A Distant Star

The stars are out tonight
They are shining, oh so bright
As I look, I see a distant star
Dear Lord, it seems so very far.

I wish I could pray to have wings of my own
I want to hide, to be alone
If I went to that distant star to understand
Will I find myself, see where I am.

I want my tears to blow away in the breeze
Jesus will You catch them please,
Yet, if I went to Heaven today
Maybe that distant star will go away
Will tug at their heartstring, if they softly call.

Shall I be forgotten without my name upon a stone
Will I always be left here all alone'
But if I go to that distant star,
Then Heaven is my home
With the Lord Jesus, I will never roam.
I will never go away again
nor will I ever say
this is the end believe me
and I will never be alone again

I will no longer hide from my mistakes
I ask forgiveness for the cost I take,
I am blessed with a God who forgives my heart
He who is on a distant star.
Will never be alone again
believe me.
and I will never be alone again.

written by Linda Ann Henry (the peoples poet)
music by Gary Matthews
recorded by Gary Matthews
© 2005 BMI All Rights Reserved.

Directly licensed in place
for internet public performance on Alighthouse.com

available on
Cd baby

A special heartfelt thanks to Derry aka ~heartwhispers~ who helped with this page.....~where do I belong~...~Linda Ann~ .. an adoptee......

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