Divine Design........

Blossoming flower sweet
Budding leaves of green
Design of the Divine
Unseen in the seen

For in the sweet flower
In the leaves of Spring
We see the Creatorís design
Life to all He does bring

In the snowflake dancing
In the joyful raindrop parade
We see artwork of our God
O, marvel the designs He laid!

For the trees tower gracefully
And toward the skies they reach
With long outstretched arms
Heartfelt worship they do teach

Fragrant flowers blooming
Colorful after seasons of rain
Promise sweet joy we reap
After the seasons of pain

Rushing, splashing waters
Cool and clean with vibrancy
Speak of marvelous movement
For to life it is pure necessity

Soaring birds singing
Orchestra joyful in the air
Remind us that to God
We must cast our every care

Dazzling sunshine bright
Bringing daytime after night
Revealing but a glimmer
Of the Sonís glory in our sight

For light of the sun brings life
All the more so does the Son
Life true and eternal exists only
In Christ, the Almighty One

Love of a parent and child
Strong and sweet embrace
Whisper of Godís own love
His incredible mercy and grace

I praise You, beloved Lord
Thank You for the design You show
Your creation speaks of Your wisdom
That You all may come to know

Joyful am I to see You
In all things, great and small
For You are the Creator
You bring life to one and all

Rejoice then, dear Christian
Sing with me our Fatherís praise
Let us proclaim His glory to all
For with Him we shall be always

With the trees, with the flowers
With the streams, with the fountains
Let us worship God with all Nature
Whether in valleys or upon mountains

Yes, letís celebrate the flowers sweet
And marvel budding leaves of green
Discover the Design of the Divine
Marvel at the Unseen in the seen


© Caroline Gavin

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