How much do I love you....

How much do I love you....

How much do I love you
There are not enough stars in the sky
The ocean, not nearly so wide
No bird song so sweet
Our initials are carved on the trees
Your love and mine,
Is forever it seems

When I am blue
And wonder if time will depart
Remind me how love
Had its first start and how we'll never part

We are as vast
As the universe reached
No place in time is where we can meet
Someday we'll be angels,
Our spirits as one
To love through eternity
As cupid's with arrows,
To make others' love

How much do I love you,
My own beloved
As much as an echo, in mountains so deep
As falling dew runs, on windows that weep
Two souls entwined, whose heart collide
Sweethearts kissing, in flowers that grow
Special candy,
Because we love each other so.

©Linda Ann Henry
The people's poet
Do you remember me

I love you...

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