I was sitting in my chair, feeling all alone
There was sadness in my eyes
What did I do so wrong
I looked up to the Heavens into the beautiful sky
Wishing I could visit Jesus
So I would no longer cry.
My eyes saw a dove coming down to me
I knew it was Dear Jesus' Spirit that I could freely see
I fell to my knees as the dove graced my shoulder
I never felt so loved, I felt it all over
A white dove with eyes of blue
Was looking at me closely
As I was looking too.

I said "The Lord's Prayer"
As I watched this miracle in view
There was once again my hope
Which was only lost for a time
I know now, Jesus loved me all the time.
The Dove kissed me on the cheek
And washed away a tear
Then the spirit of My Jesus, in the form of a Dove
Went back to Heaven
I could see Him, as He touched the clouds above.

He is giving me time to heal
All the hurt and sorrow that I sometimes feel
I will always remember
A Dove came to bless me
Now I worship Jesus, because His love set me free.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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