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I dreamt one night, that the Savior,
Was knocking upon my front door.
I opened the door to let Him in,
But He was not there any more.
Fear grasped my heart in its clutches,
Had I waited too long to respond?
Was it to late to invite Him in?
Had He given up on me, and was gone?

As my heart turned to ice, and tears filled my eyes,
I slowly closed the door.
I walked back into the room, with my head hanging low,
As tears of sorrow fell to the floor.
I wept bitter tears for the chance I had lost,
For my foolish and stupid mistake.

The thought that Jesus had left me,
Was more than I could take.
Then I felt a hand upon my shoulder,
And I heard a sweet voice in my ear.
For Jesus was standing beside me,
And He said, "I will always be here."

"My child", He said in a comforting voice,
"Nothing could drive me away,"
"You opened the door to let Me in,"
"By your side I will always stay."
He said, "No power on earth can pull us apart,"
"You're safe from Satan and hell,"
"When the time comes to carry you home,"
"With Me in paradise, you will dwell."

Tears of sorrow became tears of joy,
The ice in my heart turned to fire.
Peace and joy flooded my soul,
As He lifted me higher and higher.
When I awoke from this wonderful dream,
I felt like a brand new man,
I could sense the presence of my Lord and Savior,
I could feel the touch of His hand.

I dropped to my knees beside my bed,
Bowed my head and asked Christ in prayer,
To save my soul and come into my heart,
And to always forever stay there.
Now my life has new meaning,
I'm happier than I have ever been,
For now I know, That He loves me so,
That He forgives me of my sins.

I thank Jesus Christ each and every day,
For setting my poor soul free,
I thank Him for knocking upon my door,
And for not giving up on me.

©1999 Calvin Hart

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