Trust In Your Dreams

Be happy when you look in a pond
For there is your reflection
Which will go on and on
When you sit in a park,
Always remember you are part of "God's Art"
Smile when you see a butterfly
Such beauty was meant for your eyes

Trust in your dreams, they are one with you
God will do the rest, He will help you through
If clouds come your way, and you start feeling blue
Always remember, God made a place for you

We all have a reason here on earth
We must love ourselves and others first
Make The Lord happy, in this life we know so well
If there is something in our way
All we must do is learn to pray

The truth of your dreams, plays a part
For you to know you are blessed
With a caring heart
Angels will sing as they pass by
I know you can see them, if you try
When you hear the birds
A rainbow in the sky
You will surely see your little butterfly.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Let us live life, happy and gay.
Let God take care of us, forever and a day.

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