~Dreams and Reality~

In dreams you are mine all the time
not only in my fantasy and rhyme
beside each other we'll remain forever
not in dreams but reality's endeavor.

Someone special is what you are
my bright and shiny guiding star
sent to me by our Father above
to share with me heavenly love.

Passions as I have never known
released like mighty winds blown
circling around with a lovers glow
uniting us together with tender flow.

Reaching heights unattainable
experiencing emotions unexplainable
grasping moments unforgettable
no time lost in being regrettable.

Never a moment will be lost
gathering memories glossed
always in tune with loves decree
special only to you and me.

Norma Duncan ~aka~ Mistymaiden © April 2009
Starlite Cafe

I love you...

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Music: Dream Of Me
Sequenced by CCM MIDI
Permission Granted
Artist: Michael W. Smith