Another day has been given to me,
and I thank the Lord above.
I pray to him that I may live it,
with a heart full of love.

Although it's not easy
The days seem harder to bear...
With my Lord at my side,
I won't have a care.
I thank you dear Jesus,
for all you have done.
In my heart and in my soul,
you are the only one

That can bring us all, piece of mind,
if only we would pray.
On our knees, look up at the sky,
each and every day.
For it is only our dear Jesus
that we need to please.
He knows all about us,
our pain, sorrow and needs...

So, as you open your eyes each day,
Thank the Lord above
For when you do,
you will glow with our Lords abiding love.

© 2006 Cathy (Cookie) Carlett

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