With Each Gentle Touch

With each gentle touch
My love for you grows so much
I feel your arms holding me
I never will turn away, for you are part of me
You are in my heart and in my soul
No one can ever make me let go

With each gentle touch
I feel your hands in mine
I love you beyond time
My very life I give to you
Now and forever, I will always be true

With each gently touch
We look at the stars
Shining in a paradise for the love we know
Which always glows
And I think how lucky we are
For in the sky lights a brand new star

With each gentle touch
We kiss with the fire which is inside of us
The God we love, has blessed you and me
We can fly on wings and marry happily.


Linda Ann Henry ©2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet

I love you !

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