As The Eagle

Eagles have a time that they renew
themselves high upon a mountain
where they can not be
disturbed or observed
The old feathers all must go
so new feathers can grow

The old feathers are broken and torn
and the Eagle can hardly fly
He knows it's time to get rid of
these feathers while he can still try

Once he gets rid of the old
and becomes so strong
He knows the reason why
He received his strength
on that mountain high

When we are weak
and we go to Jesus in prayer...
Jesus makes us strong because we put
ourselves in His loving care
Jesus never fails to meet us at the alter
because He knows sometimes we falter
He always pick us up and
gives us strength at the alter

Thank you Jesus for greeting us there
while making us strong
and never leaving us alone
At the alter we name,
claim and recieve in Jesus name.

Wilt thou set thine eyes upon that
which is not? for [riches]
certainly make themselves wings;
they fly away as an eagle toward heaven.
Pro 23:5

Inspirational Poetry
© 2003 used with permission
Dorothy Rogers


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