The Cross Of Jesus

The happenings on the Cross
seems an ardent prayer for me
Shedding YOUR blood to bring
a Dawn of New life for me

It is true many were hung on
the Cross on Mount Calvary
Of executions of the City
YOUR Crucifixion is Unique for me

Gracefully YOU drank that CUP
submitting to God's Will for me
Lovingly YOU sacrificed
YOUR life to Reconcile God with me

The stripes on YOUR body
were all the sins committed by me
YOU washed them clean
with YOUR blood to Redeem me

YOU Died and became a source
of Life to all sinners like me
YOU Rose again to impart
Eternal Life with you to all and me.

© 2006Wilbert Isaacs

Wishing you a Blessed Joyous Easter!

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